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Reading, the Key to Success

The beauty of a hardcover book is exceptionally downplayed with the advancement of today’s technology. To simply feel a mass of pages and to see the finely printed ink can only be found within a true paper novel. The growing popularity of online libraries often takes away what is contained inside real shelves. Studies have proven that reading any printed manuscript can improve your mental health and expand your knowledge. Reading could possibly be the key to your overall success.

Everyone longs for zen, especially when the society we live in revolves around screens. A ten minute reading break each day could be the secret to finding calm in the storm. From magazines to fantasy trilogies, reading can easily reduce the daily stresses of life. According to, “Reading is proven to help to reduce anxiety, lower your heart rate, and even improve your sleep.” Reading is found to be the most effective before bed, because it disengages anxious thoughts and supports sleepiness.

Reading is proven to settle the mind, but it can also put the brain to work. states that, “reading is an excellent brain exercise with a similar effect to working on a puzzle or crossword.” Reading boosts our comprehension abilities as well as furthers creative thinking. When we begin a book or an article we are expanding our knowledge capacity and exposing ourselves to fresh ideas.

Reading does come with a variety of positive benefits, yet there is a counterbalance. Pulling out a book isn’t necessarily everyone’s idea of fun. People with dyslexia or ADHD may have a harder time relishing the glory of reading. There are many ways to take pleasure in the activity, as well as easily incorporate reading into your daily schedule. A couple ideas are; creating reading before bed habit, finding an enjoyable piece to read, exploring more “in-hand” options over online ones, or even trying out an audio book!

Although not everyone has an appreciation for what lies in between pages, the positive aspects of reading should be appreciated. A simple manuscript holds a great amount of power on mental wellness. The key to this success is reading.

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