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O”MMM”aha Coffee Shops

Omaha, Nebraska is home to many unique things that make Omaha, Omaha. The city is well known for its unique suburbs, each with their own small town feeling. There are many local shops and restaurants rooted in the city that make Omaha more enjoyable to entertaining to live in. This week, I challenged myself to look at one specific type of small business in Omaha, and that was the coffee shops established in the city. At each coffee shop, I tried the coffee, met with a few employees, and just felt the environment to ask–what is so cool about the coffee shops in Omaha?

This week I visited many local shops to completely get a grasp on the coffee industry in Omaha. I went to Zen Coffee, Bike Union Coffee, Hay Jay Coffee, and Dundee Double Shot. At all four, I ordered an iced vanilla latte and out of the four, Bike Union Coffee and Dundee Double Shot were the best. The one I liked the second best was Bike Union Coffee located in the middle of busy, downtown Omaha. I liked this shop not only because of the coffee, but it is also a bike shop! It is so unique. Another thing to make Omaha more cool!

The last coffee shop I visited was Dundee Double Shot. It is right off 50th and Dodge and although it is a far drive, this is by far my favorite coffee shop in Omaha. My friend Elizabeth and I frequent it in the mornings and I have never gotten the same coffee twice. “I like the community it makes. We have our regulars that come in everyday and getting our coffee makes their day–and that’s what we try to do,” an employee at Dundee Double Shot stated. They have so many flavors of coffee and pastries. If you want an authentic, rich, coffee this is my top pick. My favorite drink is the S’mores Iced Latte, but any coffee you like, they probably have.

Omaha is home to many local small businesses, coffee shops being the most popular. If you need a morning pick me up, I recommend any of the shops mentioned here. They are all delicious and you can always try something new.

Grace Denning
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