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Being New to Mercy

Mercy Welcome Dance!!

My name is Lys Wood, and I am a freshman here at Mercy High School. Choosing a high school can be a difficult and stressful decision. For me however, I knew I wanted to attend Mercy the day I shadowed. Everyone I met was so kind and helpful. From the welcoming and positive atmosphere, to the excellent academic and extracurricular opportunities, Mercy had everything I wanted.

Throughout middle school, I didn’t do any sports or extracurricular activities. I wanted to change that in high school. Mercy has tons of ways to get involved, and I decided to join Mercy’s show choir, The Treblemakers. This was a great fit for me, as I love singing and dancing. At our last competition of the season at Elkhorn we placed 2nd out of six schools! I also played a role in Mercy’s fall musical, Once Upon A Mattress, where I was able to sing, dance, and act with those who had similar interests to mine.

Academically, Mercy is such a great school. Over 60% of Mercy’s faculty hold master’s degrees, and students are offered eighteen AP and college-credit courses. Additionally, all students are provided with four years of On-To-College ACT Prep. At most schools, it is only offered for one year. I feel so fortunate to have access to these resources that will help me become successful in the future. 

Overall, Mercy is such an amazing school, and I’m so glad I decided to attend. I love being able to express myself and I look forward to being here for the next four years. I hope all those who are struggling with their high school decision will give Mercy High School a try.

Lys Wood
Class of ‘26
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