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The Importance of Being Involved

Meet Rae Barton, a member of the Student Council here at Mercy High School. Rae is one of the freshman representatives and loves being able to be involved at Mercy. “I love being involved and conducting all sorts of activities at Mercy, as well as helping to make big decisions for the school and watching how it works out,” Rae said. 

Barton’s first day at Mercy High School!

One of the most important things the Student Council has helped to plan is Mercy’s mission. They have raised thousands of dollars for the mission, which is to provide education and supplies for women in Kenya. They will do so in 2nd semester by having a bowling night and will host pack the house on January 31st. 

Outside of the Student Council, Rae has many hobbies. Some of these include baking, reading, writing poems, speech and debate, and soccer. She is also a dancer! Rae used to dance as a toddler at the Studio of Dance Arts. She learned tap, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop but was especially interested in hip-hop. At about age 9, she decided to quit because she became interested in other sports, and her life was too hectic to fit dance into her schedule.

After this, Rae didn’t dance for five years. “It wasn’t until I shadowed at Leona’s Dance Company that I rediscovered my love for dance,” Rae said. She joined this company and started dancing once again. Still interested in hip-hop, she took many classes and is now in an advanced hip-hop class. 

Rae does not only dance outside of school. She also takes a dance elective at Mercy. This class teaches many dance styles, including ballet, modern, jazz, and hip-hop.

Rae Barton is an excellent example of how involved girls can be at Mercy High School while also doing activities outside of school!

Lys Wood
Class of ‘26
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