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Five books at one time? Sounds impossible, but it can be done by Katie Hill. The Mercy Freshman can read five books at one time and be able to tell the plots of all five. This skill started blooming from when Katie was in third grade when she challenged herself to read more than one book at a time. 

In addition to reading, Katie is in show choir. Never having the chance to perform during the Covid-19 pandemic, she was excited to participate in show choir in high school. Katie is finally getting to perform, sing, and dance in competitions. Katie has gone to the Peru State College Festival to perform, which is an amazing accomplishment. On January 25 she is going to Millard West for yet another competition.

All in all, Katie’s favorite thing to do is read or write. She spends her time reading fantasy or murder mysteries as well writing them. Although these are her favorites, she is open to more genres. “I like to read multiple books at one time…where I would read like five books,” Katie said on her skill. She sets an excellent example of multitasking. 

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