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Moving States and Baking Cakes

Mercy High School is in the center of Omaha, but it brings girls from all across the city to beautiful Morton Meadows for a Catholic, all-girl, education. One of its students, Imani McAllister, not only traveled to Mercy for high school, but she also traveled from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and now, Nebraska. Omaha is her current place of residency, and she is glad to be able to call it her home.

Imani’s mom’s birthday cake

Imani is very involved at Mercy. She is always seen conversing with her friends in the hallways, and currently the director for the upcoming Sophomore Talent Show. She has been working on writing the skits in between the acts and the talent section flow smoothly. Imani hasn’t had much experience with leadership roles at Mercy, until now. She states, “I’ve never had that big of a responsibility, but it has been a great experience so far”. She is most excited for putting the theme together and the in-between acts of the talent show. When she isn’t working on this event, she is in the kitchen making her favorite type of cake, cheesecake.

Imani’s downtime, is spent cooking and decorating different kinds of cakes and bakery items. She states, “you can make all different types of flavors, and the creativity is in the cake.” This has remained constant through all the moving she has done across the United States. Baking is used to release stress and really helped during finals week and the homework load of a sophomore. Imani is always busy doing something and is a great addition to Mercy High School.

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