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More Than Just a Trip

Going on trips is always a fun and exciting experience. My trips to Mexico though represent more than a simple vacation. It’s the manner in which I get to spend quality time with important family members. It’s the manner in which I get to connect with my culture. It’s the manner in which I get to, at least for a couple of days, live the lifestyle that my parents grew up in. Hence, I always look forward to such trips and cry when it’s time for me to come back to Nebraska. 

The most special part of going to Mexico is getting to see family members I adore. As a matter of fact, my favorite person in the entire world lives there:my grandma. My grandma has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation. She has always been there to give me the best advice and all her love. Similarly, her home in Mexico radiates so much love, and it’s become my happy place because of her presence. When I go it’s also great to see aunts and uncles, cousins, godparents and many many friends. 

A unique aspect about my most recent trip was that I got to go during the holidays. Most of the time I go in the summer. I rate the holidays in Mexico a ten out of ten! It was 80 degrees and, as someone who hates the snow, I couldn’t have been happier. The food was also more abundant but just as delicious.

I got to eat delicious street tacos, pozole, tamales, enchiladas, and the list could go on and on. Lastly, it was unforgettable to experience the holiday traditions like el de de los reyes, posadas, los bailes, and the charreadas. I’m counting the days to go back.

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