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Life is a Highway for Grace Denning

Mercy High School students bring a lot of things to the table when it comes to their talents. We are all unique in our own way and have different stories. Junior Grace Denning is just one example of a very talented girl at Mercy. She dances on Mercy dance team, something that makes her different from other Mercy girls is that she lives in Iowa. 

Many girls might take a 10-20 minute commute to school from somewhere in Omaha, but the commute from Iowa is much longer. Grace says that her ride to school usually takes about 40-45 minutes every morning. She says “there’s a lot of highway” in her commute. 

Grace is a very talented dancer. Her main extracurricular activity is Mercy’s dance team. She says “she loves the small size, and likes how everyone comes from different dance backgrounds”. Her favorite thing about dance is being able to express herself through movement and to show emotion.

Grace is overall a very talented dancer and has her unique aspects like all Mercy girls. 

Imani McAllister
Class of 2025, Dog lover, Theater kid, Baker, Soccer player
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