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Getting Involved at Mercy

At Mercy High School all students are strongly encouraged to be involved in school activities, sports, or clubs. Studies have shown that being involved reduces risks of depression and helps develop social skills, confidence and community. Mercy High School is one of many schools that encourages students to do so, by providing a variety of unique activities. Lys Wood is one of many girls at Mercy who is able to find her sense of community within Mercy’s show choir, otherwise known as The Treblemakers. 

Throughout middle school, Lys felt her experiences had a lack of extracurriculars. When high school rolled around, she wanted to find something to fill that void. She always had a love for performing arts, acting, singing, and dancing. When auditions for show choir came to her attention, she immediately knew it was for her! The Treblemakers have rehearsals on Tuesdays after school from 6:00-8:00 and on Thursday mornings from 6:55 – 7:25, as well as scheduled competitions. 

The Treblemakers rehearse for their upcoming competition

This group of girls have been able to experience a strong sense of sisterhood and recently bonded while seeing “SIX,” the musical, together. “Show choir has definitely improved my social life considering how many people I have met through it,”said Wood. Lys expresses how her closest friends are the girls she met through show choir and their connection continues beyond the stage curtains. 

Although show choir is lots of fun, many of the girls would tell you that a large amount of dedication and effort goes into it. “We spent almost nine months preparing for competition season, so it was really prioritized in all our schedules,” Wood said. Show choir was also able to teach the girls valuable lessons about time management, teamwork, and taking care of themselves after five hours of dancing.

In the end, all that work definitely paid off as The Treblemakers placed 2nd in their first competition of the season. 

Lys is able to find her involvement with The Treblemakers and encourages everyone to take any opportunity to go out there and get involved!

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