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A Collector at Mercy

Mercy is full of many unique and wonderful students, all with different hobbies and interests. One example would be Mercy’s very own, Zsa Zsa Gomez. Zsa Zsa is a proud freshman and was willing to sit down and answer a few questions.

When asked why she chose to go to mercy, Gomez said that besides the fact that it was close by, mercy also met all of her high expectations, especially the teachers. She says it is evident that they truly care for their students. “They show you that trying your best is enough ”.  Mercy is truly the perfect school for her. 

One of Gomez’s many interests is playing the piano. It all started when she listened to someone play the piano and hearing them make beautiful, magical sounds. “I want to be able to do that, I want to play a song and make it sound beautiful and touch people.” Gomez said. She said she has made so much progress especially when taking Mercy’s very own Piano class. “I can really tell when I’m not playing well when my cat leaves the room.” she said. 

Gomez also mentioned her enjoyment of collecting “odd things”. She says she likes to collect different money, coins, and really just old things that are unique and no one else has. Her favorite things that she has collected so far are porcupine quills and colorful rocks. Everything has a place and is unique in its own way. 

One of Gomez’s favorite pastimes is reading. What got her into reading was seeing her mom’s massive book collection. She wanted to have her own and be able to read as many books. She is currently reading To Kill A Mockingbird and really enjoying its old writing style and language. 

Katie Hill
Lover of music and the Lorax.
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