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A Promposal

Prom season has arrived, which means promposals are officially a thing. In our ever-advancing society, getting invited to be someone’s prom date is a celebratory event. A simple invite over text will no longer suffice when your best friend popped the question with a flash mob and mariachi band. The grander the promposal, the higher the chances of receiving a “yes” or public embarrassment. All jokes aside, promposals are a sweet and heartfelt way to ask someone to prom. 

This weekend I was personally surprised with a promposal!

When my friend Nate asked me to hang out with him this weekend, I realized that Creighton Prep’s prom is only a few weeks away. I had attended Prep’s homecoming dance with Nate, so the idea was in the back of my mind. However I was not expecting an invitation or anything special.

After we finished bowling, Nate told me that he had to grab something important from his car. He quickly returned sporting a colorful poster. It featured the logo of my favorite TV show and said, “Don’t blindside me and say no… instead be a Survivor with me at prom?” I was blown away by his thoughtfulness and loved the reference to the greatest show of all time, so I accepted his invitation!


Nate with his sign!

A great promposal has a solid delivery, demonstrates creativity, and is personalized to the person being asked. Nate’s promposal aced all of the categories. I greatly appreciate the genuine effort he put into making my invitation special. Promposals are a great way to go the extra mile and impress your prom date.

Lindsey Wessling
future winner of Survivor
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