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De-Stress For THE Test!

Not every Monarch is ecstatic about “hammering the grammar”. Most students dread the ACT and the Kaleidoscope preparations for the weeks leading up to the test. Each Monday Kaleidoscope arms our juniors with the tools to maximize their ACT scores and minimizing college debt. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the test gives Mercy girls the butterflies. If you are one of those students, continue reading to maximize your calmness and minimize your test anxiety!

aaaannnndddd begin!

First things first: Waking up. It may not always be possible to get substantial sleep the night before. Try your hardest to go to sleep at least 8 hours before you need to wake up. Get out of bed as soon as possible; try not to let yourself lay there for a long time. Keeping your alarm far enough away from your bed forces you to get out of bed immediately. After waking up, wash your face or simply splash your face with water. This will help wake you up more and help you feel fresh in the morning!

Second: Getting dressed. Wear something comfortable, but avoid wearing your pajamas. Wearing your uniform (although it sounds odd) may help you get into a school-like mindset. Do not stress about what you are going to wear. After all, everyone’s eyes are on their own test for the entire time. They will not notice if you are wearing something stylish or if you just rolled out of bed.

Above all, breathe! Get to the testing place early and follow directions. Take things one step at a time. Keeping yourself calm is the best thing you can do in any stressful situation. Keep in mind that you can always retake the ACT. The score you get does not define your worth.

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