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Sweat, Tears, and a Spoonfull of Sugar

As you may already know, this year’s play is Mary Poppins, which is all about the inner workings of a household in the early 1900’s. There have already been a couple articles dedicated to this play and the work being done, however I want to shed some light on an often overlooked aspect of Mercy’s yearly plays: The tech crew.

Working behind the scenes, the tech crew makes the play possible by designing sets, starting the show, and working the lights. Their work often goes unnoticed as the actresses take the stage, however without them the plays wouldn’t nearly be as good as they are. The tech crew meticulously plans out how each set is constructed and painted for every show, building each set from scratch.

Shine Bright

“Working behind the scenes is a little bit hard sometimes because the whole point is that you are never seen.” Senior Makayla Kennedy comments. Having been part of theatre since her freshman year and a former lighting and sound manager, Makayla has seen and experienced the amount of effort the tech crew puts into each play. “The amount of work and effort that goes into the show is often left unrecognized, and each and every techie deserves so much praise for the work that I have seen in my four years and in years past”.

Mary Poppins will be performed on April 7th (Alumni Night) at 7pm, April 8th and 9th at 7pm, and finally on April 10th at 2pm.

Support our theatre department by going, and stop to admire the effort our tech crew has put in! 

Hayli Spellman
Senior, Sleep Enthusiast.
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