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Mission Week 2022

Mission Week is upon us! The mission for this school year is building wells in third world countries. In preparation for the week, students had the opportunity to purchase themed t-shirts in support of said mission.

Student-Designed T-Shirt for Mission Week!

A presentation over the activities of the week took place before the activities commenced. A surprise announcement by Mrs. Vankat during the spring sports pep rally revealed the possibility to “pay off” Mrs. Wessling to give us a day off. A bucket in the student dining hall separate from the Penny Wars buckets is collecting money for a 3,000 dollar goal for a free day off of school.

Just like in past years, dodgeball will be going on through the week and the winner will play against a team of teachers. Raffles and auctions will also commence. There are smaller-scale things students can donate their money through such as pizza tickets, Penny Wars, jailing any student or teacher, and reserving a song on the Siesta playlist.

Mission Week is finally back to normal! Students and teachers are all equally excited to have a week of fun and raising money for a wonderful cause.

Let’s use our might to make water a right!

Liv Weist
future disney imagineer
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