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Sophomore Retreat

On February 11, the sophomores went on our annual retreat. It’s a time for us to strengthen our relationship with God and with each other. The theme for the retreat was the Claddagh, a common symbol for love and friendship. The activities were based on the different parts of our friendship and relationships with one another.

The retreat was held at St. Leo’s Church. We started off with getting into small groups and writing small notes to our friends with the qualities that they have that make them good friends. After that, we all gathered into the church and listened to some of our classmates talk about some struggles they’ve had in their lives and how God guided them through it. It showed that everyone, although it may not seem like it, goes through extremely tough times.

Back in our small groups, we all had a chance to share our stories. Tears were shed and an abundance of hugs were given. Through this experience, we found different connections we all have, even ones that we didn’t know we had before. It gave us the opportunity to find comfort in each other. We all grew so much closer and it opened my eyes to the struggle of my fellow sisters. 

Though the retreat was full of puffy eyes and lots of tissues, fun activities were spread throughout the day. Name That Tune seemed to be a class favorite… right behind the dance party. At the end of it all, we received a bracelet with the Claddagh charm on it. It represented the new friendships we may have made, or the relationships we strengthened.

I know this chance to bond with our sisters will help us in our future years at Mercy.



Maggie Barta
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