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Determined to Shine

This last weekend the show choir team here at Mercy performed on Saturday, February 5th. Their theme was the elements, focusing on Earth, wind, fire, and air! They sang various songs relating to their theme, from “Roots before Branches” by Room for Two, to the very fitting “The Elements” by Toby Mac.

These girls have been dedicated to their show, rehearsing for months to prepare for their competition. Ms. Noronha, the music director, said, “They started in August, spending 5 days in choreography camp to learn the dancing. Then they have been rehearing twice a week, two hours on Tuesday and a half hour on Thursday, ever since.” 

Not only have these girls been hard at work practicing and preparing for their competition, they have also been dedicated to keeping safe. Throughout the competitions they have been masked up, staying that way while singing and dancing– a very admirable thing to do! 

Their hard work and dedication definitely paid off. Despite being in masks for most of their performances, they scored the highest in Mercy history! They beat out some other big schools in the competition, masked and not masked. “They are very, very deserving of the trophies they earned.” Ms. Noronha said. 

If you or someone you know is interested in show choir, feel free to contact Ms. Noronha at

Hayli Spellman
Senior, Sleep Enthusiast.
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