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Teacher Spotlight

Mercy is blessed with so many teachers and faculty who work daily to create a safe and fun learning environment for girls around Omaha. They work tirelessly, even from home, to ensure we are growing intellectually and spiritually. Today, the spotlight is on one specific teacher who has been with Mercy for 10 years: Mr. Riesberg!

Mr. Riesberg mentioned that his initial plan did not involve Mercy; in fact, his only hope was to get a job after graduating from college. Armed with his faith and a connection to Mercy through his sister, he found himself teaching at our all-girls high school. He gave a comment about Mercy, saying “I love that Mercy is a part of a larger community, not only local Catholic schools that support (and challenge) each other, but also Mercy Sisters that look after schools all across the world.” He also mentioned he attended a Nocturne when he was in high school!

It is highly important for a teacher to adapt to change. Things don’t always go according to a plan, even when first getting into your profession. When asked to contrast things he had initially expected to what ended up being so, he revealed teaching a subject required a lot more previous knowledge in regards to the teaching material. The teacher must feel comfortable with the knowledge they have before they are able to teach it. Teaching “to the test” was mentioned as a worry of his. He wanted freedom with what he taught and how he taught it. Mercy has thankfully given him the opportunity to lead discussions and activities that may not have been possible in other schools.

The staff members have a whole different perspective on the traditions at Mercy. They have their own videos and dances during mission week and spirit week, which are Mr. Riesberg’s favorite traditions to participate in. He decided that if he could participate in any tradition from the student side, he would choose Mercy Day. “The way that it is re-written and celebrated each year is always impressive. That is one of the few traditions that I haven’t been able to work with since I have been at Mercy and I would love to see how it is put together from start to finish.”

Throwback Thursday during Spirit Week 2020!

Gabi Banderas-Ramos, ‘24, offered a quote: “I enjoy every single minute I’m in his class and wish it didn’t have to come to an end. Keep up the great work, you’re an amazing teacher!”

All of the teachers at Mercy put their best foot forward for all of the students and Mr. Riesberg truly encapsulates Mercy spirit. “I just want to put my heart and soul into what I do to make Mercy feel like home.”

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