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A New Experience for All

While I have been at Mercy for two years now, I haven’t fully experienced everything Mercy has to offer. My freshman year was everything but normal. I knew half of my classmates only through a screen, and with social distancing, getting to know the others was made more difficult. The teachers and upperclassmen however, made sure we all felt welcome in our new home. My big sisters made me feel like Mercy was where I belonged. Upperclassmen were always wearing warm and friendly faces while passing in the hallways. Everyone made my classmates and me feel welcome.

My big sister, Emma Caito ’21, on Welcome Day.

Although I came from a Catholic school, the transition to an all-girls school from a co-ed school was a huge change. The students and staff were so comforting and helped make the switch so much easier. While I had some concerns about an all girls school, it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. I can express myself and not have to worry about people judging me. Everyone is so supportive and helps me grow into the person I want to be.

Every experience was new. There are so many traditions that make Mercy different from all of the other schools. Everyone has a chance to get involved and there’s hardly a boring week. The teachers and students have great relationships and everyone knows everyone. We’re all one big family who loves and cares for each other.

As a sophomore this year, it was my turn to help the incoming freshmen feel welcome. As a long standing tradition, Mercy girls stand outside the front of the school and welcome everyone on the first day of school. I know when I experienced it, I felt like Mercy was where I belonged. As Student Ambassadors, it was our responsibility to help the girls feel welcome, especially the freshmen and new incoming students.

 Emma Gallagher ‘25 gave her insight about her freshman year. “I felt scared and I didnt know what was going to happen. But I was also excited to see what highschool would be like. My big sister showed me around the school and gave me loads of advice on maintaining grades and managing my time. The other upperclassmen have set great examples and have helped me keep my head up in hard times. They have helped me with homework and gave me advice on different teachers and their classes”.

This is one of the reasons people like Emma and I chose Mercy. It is a place where anyone can be themselves.

Maggie Barta
Future contestant on Cake Wars
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