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Updated So Not Outdated

For the past few months Mercy High school has been working on many projects. These projects are renovations that are modernizing the school. These modernizations to the building are all thanks to the donors that provided them. Donors are what Mercy thrives on to make these changes possible. In 2021 there were three projects completed here at good old 48th & Woolworth.

The first project was the classrooms. All have been repainted and new carpet was installed. Carpet has been added into the hallways. The hallways used to have tile that had been there for over 60 years. Now Mercy has gray carpet throughout the building which is quieter and has a more modern look.

The third renovation was definitely the most exciting! Brand new lockers were put in on all of the floors. The old lockers were damaged and broken. So now the lockers are a creme colored gray that automatically lock after the lockers are shut.

Mercy really does depend on donors, and even the smallest things help. We are grateful for all of the lovely upgrades to enjoy every day.

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