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Seniors React to PA

PA is an important part of senior year, with seniors attempting all year long to figure out when it’s going to happen. This year’s PA was perhaps the most shocking PA, as the Juniors completely fooled their upperclassmen. Revealing clues throughout the day until the third period, the Juniors had the seniors well and truly fooled. The clues were cleverly hidden throughout the various Junior sponsor classrooms, and had the seniors guessing about the theme of the play. Most seniors thought it was a completely different theme!

“I heard a few people talking about it,” says senior Emma Nigrin, “but not many people. Someone was interrogating a junior about it, but I really was surprised! Everybody was excited to hear it was announced, it was finally here!” The senior class was well and truly baffled to hear it being announced. The juniors even got some of the teachers, some saying that they had no clue it was Monday!

The juniors really surprised the seniors this year! They carefully kept their preparations for PA secret throughout the year. They had the seniors guessing, all the way until the beginning of the play. With PA announced, the juniors then performed their play in front of the whole school. Afterwards, the seniors were impressed, not just with their ability to keep PA hidden, but also their ability to act!

Hayli Spellman
Senior, Sleep Enthusiast.
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