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Tech Week!

Tech week is always the most stressful week for the Mercy High Theatre Department. It is always a fun week, though, because the cast and tech crew come together to run through the production. This week is also a longer week for the students because the rehearsals go from 4 to 7 pm, Normally it would be until  7:30.  It is from Monday through Thursday night and then opening night is Friday. That’s why Mrs. Vankat started to cook dinner for the cast and crew– because of the late hours. This way the girls would have food that tastes good, is healthier, and cheaper. It is about 20 dollars for the week instead of 10 dollars for one meal. This year that is not a thing because, you guessed it, COVID. The good news is that Joshua von Kampen is looking for a different way for girls to have something to look forward to. 

Last year there was not a musical because of Covid. It was supposed to be Chicago.  This year’s musical is The World Goes ‘round. This musical has a variety of songs from “Marry Me” to “All that Jazz”, and there is even the song “New York” in it. Senior Molly Vankat said in passing, “This is a musical like none that we have done before”. Most musicals that the theatre department have put on are not just song and dance. This one is mainly song and dance with little dialogue. On most tech weeks, the techies are

Lights, Camera, Action! Makayla Kennedy brightening up the set!

bustling around, trying to finish the set and making sure lights are all up. Last year the musical did not even get a past spring break, but about half of the set was built already. This year the set was built before tech week even began. 

The girls are very excited and nervous of the start of tech week. Senior Felicia Plasek mentioned that “I am hopeful that when we run this show it will go smoother and smoother as the show goes on”. For this production there is a lot more singing than in Chicago, and fewer spoken lines. 

All of the girls are practicing hard for this show and are making sure that the singing and dancing look amazing. 

Unlike ever before, the girls have to wear masks while singing. The actresses did get practice with projecting their voices with the last show and now they are learning how to sing with them on. It is truly an experience of a lifetime. 

Rita Leuck
In my spare time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, and watching Star Wars. I also love the mountains and rivers in Colorado.
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