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Senior Scholarships

Here at Mercy, we have two wonderful college advisors. Mrs. Laura Powers and Mrs. Driml-Powers are super smart and on top of everything. They see a lot of students every day about college admissions, scholarships, or just general questions. They work in the Academic Success Center and always have an open door. They are also really good at celebrating everyone’s awards and acceptances. They are so enthusiastic about even the smallest wins which makes students feel recognized.

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Something they do that I really admire is hang up pictures of seniors with the colleges where they’ve been accepted. All of the pictures are hung up in a cute collage outside the door to give seniors recognition on their achievements. It’s a great way to commemorate the seniors for their hard work. It’s a good way for other grades to see it that way they can also start thinking about the college process.

Another really fun thing the counselors do is track the scholarship money the seniors have earned so far. It’s a clever way to help the seniors not lose motivation, especially in the second semester. The class of ‘20 raised $8.6 million in scholarships which was an astounding number. This year, the class of 2021 has raised $7 million so far. The number keeps getting close so it’s hard to tell which class will have raised more.

The counselors do such an amazing job of staying on top of the senior class. They are always presenting new scholarships and advice on financial aid. They are experts on this subject and are able to help every student with any kind of problem they may run into.


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