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2021 Mission Week!

It’s that time of year again, Mission Week! It’s time for students and teachers to give money for the Mercy mission. It is a week-long fundraiser to raise money for tea workers in third world countries. The money goes through a company called Arise Foundation and will give the women who work in the fields the supplies they need. These workers need help because they are not getting paid enough for their work and Catherine McAuley would want the Mercy community to help those people who make our “comfortable cups of tea”. 

There are many different events that are taking place this week. The dodgeball tournaments is one of these events. The tournaments happen after school all week, and there are eight under classwomen teams and four upper classwomen teams. There are teams of eight people that will compete against each other. 

Don and Millie’s On Farnam Street!

 There is also a Don and Millie’s fundraiser. This is going to happen Wednesday night, March 24th.  Twenty percent of what you spend will go to the mission. It will be at the Don and Millies, at the Farnam Street location.

Penny Wars is a way for the classes to compete against each other to see who can get the most pennies. This happens from Monday through Thursday. There will be buckets in the cafeteria that will be labeled with each grade. There is a way for classes to get subtracted points, and that is if a silver coin is put into the bucket. This will subtract points from the class totals. It is always fun to see the results at the end of the week. 

Class dances are also happening this year on Thursday. The dance will be videotaped and then played to everyone 5th period! The theme for the dances “Girl Power”, and there is a time limit of two minutes.  There will not be a glow dance this year because the school can’t have teens from other schools come to the dance. So this year we will only get to dance once on Mission Week. 

Last, there is the raffle and silent auction on Friday, which we call Siesta.  There will also be carnival style games and the final dodge ball tournament. The girls will also get Godfather’s pizza if it was purchased ahead of time. The teachers have all donated items to the raffle to include gift cards and gift baskets. There are some new things this year, like a T.V. and a coffee maker.

There is also a silent auction were a group of teachers donate a lunch. It is a lot of fun for the girls to try to outbid each other.  This year the auction will be a little different and will be online instead of in the gym. This is a great way to fundraise for the mission.  Mrs. Vankat, Mrs. Wessling,  and Ms. Mousel are donating a meal they called a  “summer picnic”. Vankat said,  “One year it went for 150 dollars but then two groups kept at it so we said that we would do two of them”. The summer picnic will have smoked pulled pork, baked beans and fruit with Mrs. Wessling’s famous cookies, and cheesy potatoes. This year only four girls can eat the lunches because of Covid-19 regulations. It is still a great way for girls to have fun and a thing to remember for the rest of their high school experience.

There is a way for people outside of the school building to donate. Go to Venmo and look up “Mercy High School Omaha” in the business category. You can pay for Mission Week items or just make a straight donation. 

We can’t wait to see everyone have a good time and find how much money we raise! 

Rita Leuck
In my spare time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, and watching Star Wars. I also love the mountains and rivers in Colorado.
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