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What the Girls are Up To!

Spring break is a time that Mercy girls use to relax or to make preparations for their future. Many girls are using their vacation to go on a college visit. There are four seniors who went out of state to visit potential schools. Senior Cree Howard is visiting Marquette University in Wisconsin, Senior Clara Jones is visiting the University of Dallas, Senior Lily Svobada. is visiting Saint Louis University, and Senior Carolyn Klein is visiting Regis University in Colorado.  

Then there are Mercy girls who are catching up on work and reading books that they have wanted to get caught up on. Senior Megan Munchrath is using her spring break to get caught up on homework. Senior Sam Burns is also reading books and volunteering at the Humble Lily. Senior Molly Vankat is also catching up on reading; she has read two and a half books over spring break. Last, there is Senior Libby Zeleny who is working at Scooters during her time off. 

Anna Youell and her brother living it up in Florida!

There are many other seniors using their spring break to relax. Some girls went to the zoo with their families, like Senior Anou Akot. There were a couple that went out of town with their relatives. Senior Kateri Pantoja and her family went to the Queen of Peace, which is in an outdoor cathedral in Sioux city. Senior Anna Youell went to Florida with her brother. They visited their grandparents and went to the beach. There are also some girls who are spending time with their animals. Senior Maria Gerardo is taking time to walk her dog and to ride her bike in the park.  

There are so many ways to send free time, and it’s nice to get a break once in a while. Spring break is a time for students to recover from the third quarter and to get prepared for the last quarter of the year.

Rita Leuck
In my spare time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, and watching Star Wars. I also love the mountains and rivers in Colorado.
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