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Last Day!

The last few months months of school are slowly creeping up on us. Some days seem longer than others, especially when we’re counting down the days until summer. The good news is that there are only 49 more days left until school ends–as of March 16 anyway.

Last days are always those anticipated days were as a high schooler you find yourself stepping into a new chapter of life. While graduates are stepping into a new world with a new horizon, some of us– when school ends –will get a new job or our permit or licenses. 

The last day of school is one of the most cherished of your life. It’s a turning point in your life filled with both joy and grief: sad to leave your friends and teachers who you had associated and shared some wonderful moments of your life with.

The last day of school marks a new beginning in our life. I happy my school taught me to accept new challenges in life.

Bher Lul
Class of 2024
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