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Spring Break 2021

During spring break, I took my friend’s dogs to the dog park and on a hike. They love to run around outside, so I thought it would be a great idea to take them both to the dog park for them to play around in a bigger environment. It was also a beautiful day outside too, which made it so much better. They got to play with other dogs while we were there, and I got to sit down on a bench and feel the sun. Knowing that Omaha hasn’t been very warm for the last few weeks it was nice to be able to go outside without it freezing.  I was also able to wear shorts, which was so weird.

The dogs love playing fetch, so I was able to find a few balls to throw to each of them. Some of the other dogs that were at the dog park joined in as well and they were all having such a fun time. I stayed at the dog park for a good hour and then thought it was a good time to leave because the dogs were quite tired. On the way back home I rolled down the windows and both of the dogs stuck their faces out of them, as dogs do.

I also took them for a hike before they got too tired since they love exploring nature and it didn’t seem like they were ready to go home. So we hiked up and down a few trails until I started to see them get a little too tired, again. Before we finished our hike, I saw a stream of water

Puppy Dog Leo

and knew I should let them both go have fun in it. They were also very thirsty, so besides playing around in the water they also took a water break.  It was a great day for both the dog park and the hike. This spring break was very fun and I loved seeing the dogs. 

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