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Catholic Schools Week

Two Freshmen writing notes to Frontline Workers

During Catholic Schools Week, there are many things that take place including free dress down days most of the week. This year’s theme is Faith, Excellence, and Service. On Monday we are encouraged to dress up as a superhero, Tuesday is a front line worker we admire, Wednesday is a uniform day because we have all school mass at Holy Cross. “Throwback Thursday” is a day to dress like a past era, then on Friday we get a half day of school which is always fun for the students.  

The teachers that make it all possible are Mrs. Mergens, Ms. McGill, Mrs. Vankat, Mrs. Miller, Ms. Davis, Ms. Kowal, and Ms. Mousel. They have all planned this week for quite a long time to make sure it is fun for students. Since Covid hit, we haven’t been able to do much as a school but the teachers have worked hard to put this all together. It has always been fun to see what the teachers have planned for all of us at Mercy to enjoy. They really do try their hardest to make sure we have fun.

Although we are still in the midst of Covid, the faculty are still trying to make traditions happen. They are doing a great job of making all students be able to still have fun, even if we have to stand 6 feet apart. 

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