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“Zooming” Through the Year

The halls at Mercy look a little different this year. Of course, only being able to see eyes above a mask is one of the “new normals”. Mercy is one of the only schools in Omaha to continue a hybrid schedule all through first semester. Despite other schools sending students back at full capacity, Mercy made decisions for the well being of students. Students feel safe while attending school because of the small class sizes. Of course, adjusting to these huge changes is a difficult task, but the staff at Mercy has done a spectacular job throughout the pandemic. 

The challenge of teaching a class while half are in the building and half are Zooming is not easy, to say the least. Teachers at Mercy have stayed very creative through the hybrid schedule, creating new ways to keep students engaged in classes. Teachers try their very best to ensure all students are able to get the same education as they would in person, but through a screen. New apps and different methods of teaching are creating a new and fun experiences  for student to learn from. Each teacher is always eager to get that next Zoom started and see the girls’ faces.

Students at the fun event.

Teachers also take to heart how their students are feeling, making sure they are not constantly overloading them. The genuine care for students is what makes Mercy so much different from any other school in Omaha. Mercy, throughout the pandemic, has been doing a great job to help girls feel that Mercy love, even if we are not all together to enjoy it. The little things such as signs being put in each girls front yard, appreciation goodie bags full of treats, and the Christmas presents of Sister Jean’s sugar cookie recipe are all thoughtful actions that  Mercy has done for their students. Overall, the genuine care the Mercy has for their students and the staff’s real commitment to the well being of the community is what makes Mercy the wonderful community it is. 

Clare Coniglio
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