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What’s New?

by: Rita Leuck

Mercy High school has been open since 1945 and over the years the building has needed help. These updates have made more room for students and teachers to work together. Several rooms have been redone and rooms have been added. For instance the chemistry classroom has been redone, making more room and adding more equipment for labs.  The dining hall and bathrooms have also been redone recently. 

The slogan for this year’s FIESTA

The ASC is a place where students can go to get help or to study. There used to be three rooms with a smaller amount of space. Now it is one big room with offices for the counselors to meet privately with students. Before this year Mrs. Powers and Ms. Driml-Powers did not have private offices and there were no rooms to go and do a private study. The room now feels more open and comfortable.

Mercy has a fundraiser that happens every year called FIESTA that helps with student tuition. This event helps many families send their daughters to our all-girls school. This year, because of COVID-19, FIESTA will be a little different and will be held online. The money raised will go to the students who need help. With these updates, Mercy is able to have more students in the building. If people in the Mercy community did not contribute to the school, it would not be the school it is today.

Rita Leuck
In my spare time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, and watching Star Wars. I also love the mountains and rivers in Colorado.
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