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Washington DC Chaos

Trump supporters vs Police Officers

When Joe Biden won the election over Donald Trump in November it caused a lot of controversy. A lot of people were happy, but many Trump supporters were mad. On January 6,  pro-Trump supporters protested and vandalized the Capitol Building in Washington DC, then later stormed into the Capitol by breaking windows and opening the doors for others.                                                      

Trump supporters vs Police Officers
Trump supporters vs Police Officers

What caused this chaos? President Trump, earlier in the day, urged his supporters to protest election results. The U.S capitol went on lockdown as these protesters entered the building.

The mob managed to enter legislative chambers but the lawmakers and staff evacuated to safety in secure areas. Representatives Stacey Plaskett and Peter Welch took to social media to post that they were safe. Washington D.C, Alexandria, and Arlington Virginia went into curfew at 6 p.m. The National Guard headed to the capitol city to get things under control. Four people died, 52 were arrested, and 14 police officers were injured.

This event left the whole country shocked because in the BLM protest, protesters were immediately shot with rubber bullets, pepper sprayed, beaten, and pushed. The National Guard was at these protests in no time and Donald Trump called them”thugs”.

At the Capital riot, it took the National Guard hours to come and remove these pro-Trump supporters. Many people think times will get better, while others think it’s just the start of a civil war.

Other countries can see us fighting each other, and that could make us an easy target.

Bher Lul
Class of 2024
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