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How We Are Getting Through Covid

Carolyn Klein, Anou Akot, Ellee Houghtaling, Kateri Pantoja

There are many challenges that people face every day, but a new challenge that everyone faces today is Covid-19. The pandemic has stopped everyone from doing what they do almost every day. This is a new “normal” for us, which we still haven’t gotten used to and maybe never will.

At Mercy, everything has changed from going to school full time to going remote half the time. This year the freshmen aren’t able to experience what their first year of high school should be like. Still, Mercy is doing a great job of keeping everything going while having to face this challenge. 

One of the biggest things that we are unable to continue with is all-school masses. We do pray in class, hoping for this pandemic to go away. Not being able to go to the chapel for mass is really hard for some people, but we all still keep Jesus in our mind and souls throughout the day. If students have the desire to go to the chapel to pray, they are allowed to do so. That is actually a much more peaceful time to go, as you can have one-on-one time with God.

The seniors didn’t think we would be able to have any of the traditions that seniors get every year. Lucky for us, we still got to have a Mercy Day, which was recorded and ended up being amazing. The Mercy Day play was told through all of the big events that have happened this past year and how Catherine McAuley would have handled these things.  She was portrayed as if she were at these events, which was very unique. 

The school may allow some things to happen during this pandemic, but the teachers and faculty are trying their hardest to make sure the seniors get all of their traditions. They have managed to make everything happen and go very smoothly, which was appreciated very much. 


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