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Community During COVID

COVID-19 has challenged students but has also tested the faculty of Mercy High School in a number of ways. 2020 was a year to remember in schools across the nation. Students were required to empty their lockers, attend class online, and social distance from everyone. Masks on faces became a new addition to the Mercy Monarch uniform. Teaching students under these circumstances was a whirlwind for the staff at Mercy High School. 

Teaching a hybrid schedule has been a challenging journey in and out of the classroom. Zoom meetings became the popular hangout for teachers. Teachers have been required to social distance during school. Mrs. Kessler from the English Department at Mercy High School said, “It’s been difficult because I don’t like being chained to my podium.”

Keeping students engaged online and in person at the same time has also posed another challenge. Trying to connect with both groups of students as well as maneuvering through technical issues has been exhausting. 

Relationships between teachers and students have also changed. Social distancing and teaching do not always compliment each other. School Counselor Mrs. Driml-Powers described the change saying, “I find it that it’s harder to connect with my students.” Connecting via internet was sometimes the only option for her. Not knowing how her students are really doing is a concern, especially since she’s a counselor.

All in all, teachers and staff pray and hope that this new “normal” will end soon. 

Kelli Villalva
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