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A Walk Through Mercy

As we all know, this school has been anything but normal. Since last March, students, teachers, and families have all been feeling the effects of the pandemic. At Mercy, there is a community and sisterhood that always makes the halls feel a little less empty. All of our teachers and amazing staff members are always ready to help anyone and reassure anyone who needs it. Everyone here is always willing to reach out a helping hand. Knowing that everyone is by your side is always a comforting thought, especially in times like this.

Bethany Kowal and Eleanor

We have so many great people at Mercy, but we aren’t limited to just people. We have a therapy dog named Eleanor! Athletic director Bethany Kowal and Eleanor stop in classrooms and always have their door open to whoever may need a little extra cheer during the day. She is a super sweet and calm English mastiff who is always ready to see everyone. Eleanor is always a great way to take a pause and refocus yourself. She can always make your day better just by being there!

Last but not least, school and homework can feel overwhelming at times. Sometimes all you need is a place where you can focus. We have an amazing media center with endless resources. It has two private study rooms with TV’s in them to help create projects and presentations. There are different spots where you can sit with friends or just yourself to finish homework. Another great place we have is called the Academic Success Center. This is a place you can go to do homework or talk to the counselors about school, college, or whatever you need!

Mercy is a positive environment where learning is encouraged.

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