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Retreat of Obstacles

by Rita Leuck, Aly Daniels, and Bher Lul

This year has been faced with many challenges that affected all grade levels. One of the biggest ways Mercy has been affected is through the changing of traditional retreats. Because there are many different grades, there are different retreats. For example, the sophomore retreat is all about opening up to your classmates and sharing life changing moments. Senior Class President Anou Akot commented, “Everyone became a lot closer” when talking about this most beneficial retreat. This sophomore retreat helped all the girls not only open up, but become closer to each other. However the retreats will look different this year because of the recent pandemic.

Senior class banner making is a key activity for retreats.

When speaking to Akot, she said her favorite retreat was “freshman year when we were at the retreat with our big sisters and afterwards we went over to our big sisters’ houses with a smaller group of people. When the groups were broken down I felt like I got a lot closer to some of the girls in my class.”

Due to Covid-19,  this year the retreats will feel a lot different since we have to social distance and wear masks. When asking Akot how the retreats will change this year she said “ It will change because freshmen can’t go over their big sisters’ houses and it will be a lot less ‘hands on'”.

In years past, seniors have been able to have fun going on their last retreat. They would go to the Clavin Crest Retreat Center cabins and spend the night. There would be singing and sharing of memories around a fire. How can this happen with Covid-19 around? No one wants to sleep with a mask on or have their fun ruined by getting sick; however, there are teachers who are still going to try to have this retreat be possible. Mrs. Vankat would be one of those teachers, along with the many class sponsors. 

Rita Leuck
In my spare time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, and watching Star Wars. I also love the mountains and rivers in Colorado.
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