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Keeping the Fun Around

by Elizabeth Walsh and Skylar Zoucha

During this school year there have been a lot of rescheduled and cancelled events. To help spread a little cheer, PE teacher Ms. Mousel came up with a fun way to have a break from school in a Covid-19 friendly way. Her idea was to plan a fun event for students and give them a break from the day. She sent a message out to the teachers, and received a list of volunteers more than willing to help.

Students in the gym

According to Mousel, the events were “different things, something not done before” that all students could enjoy. She said her main inspiration came from Catholic Schools Week and everything usually done then. Her intent was to “bring students together, and allow them to be with different people” making for a fun school memory. Mousel felt confident that she and the other teachers “put in some good thought and came up with a couple things that will be fun.”

While the M-Z sophomores and juniors did that, the freshmen and seniors had mass together. Mousel planned the events for all groups, so everyone will get to do both in the next couple weeks. Her final thoughts are the she “hopes people enjoy themselves and it’s good that mass has been added as well.” This should definitely be a nice break from the normal, hectic school day and a good time to unwind and have fun!

Elizabeth Walsh
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