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Healthy, Happy, Positive

    The Coronavirus has caused many changes in everyone’s daily routine, but there are many ways to stay healthy, happy, and positive during this time of not knowing. There are many different activities you can do to keep your mindset focused on the positive instead of the negative. Also there aren’t just a few activities to do at home there are hundreds you could do not just to stay positive but to stay healthy and happy. Many people are also struggling with motivation during this awful time, but there are also many things you can do to get more motivated. 

    There are many activities that you can do at home to stay more positive. One activity that I like to do to stay positive is to go on a walk with my dog and just enjoy the nature around me. Another example would be to write some positive thoughts down in a journal. Writing helps in many ways.  It can help express emotion, but instead of saying it out loud it can be just on a piece of paper.

Other activities that everyone can do at home is yoga or reading. There are many things to do at home that can make you feel more positive, you just have to be creative.

Being happy is very important because when we start to feel unmotivated, it’s hard to get motivated again. There are many activities at home you can do to stay happy.

Another thing I like to do that makes me happy is to color in a coloring book. There are many things to do that make you happy you just have to find them.

Being at home all the time is very hard, but we need to stay happy, healthy, and positive. There are so many activities you can do at home you just have to do what you enjoy.

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