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A New Journey Ahead

As many of you know, Mrs. Graff and Mr. Maddigan are leaving Mercy High School and will not be returning next fall. I decided I would reach out to them and discuss their time at Mercy and what plans awaited them next. 

Mrs. Graff first came to visit Mercy three years ago. She came to accompany a former voice student to see One Sweet Concert. While visiting, she felt a connection with Mercy and decided it was the place she wanted to be. A few weeks later, there was a job opening. Mrs. Graff knew it was God’s plan for her to work at  Mercy High School, and thanks to Him she was able to become part of the Mercy community. The first year was quite a challenge, but in the end was a rewarding experience for her. What she loved most was the fun traditions and the ways Mercy students are so generous towards others. 

Among Mrs. Graff’s favorite memories are the skits, dances, and songs that the teachers are involved in. Her favorite skits were the Vine videos, though she never quite understood the concept of Vine. She loved it when the student who created the videos was sent to Ms. McCoy’s office and she pranked her back!

Another favorite memory was this year when she saw Mrs. Newville in a show choir dress. She admires how the teachers love their students and aren’t afraid to have fun and look foolish at times. 

When I asked Mrs. Graff about her favorite Mercy tradition, she said that Mercy has special traditions for each grade. Her favorite traditions are the talent show and PA because of their performance aspect. Also the fact that every class has their own prayer and song is what she believes makes Mercy come together as a whole.

The reason why Mrs. Graff is leavingis that she needs a full-time job. Next year she will be a music director at Elmwood Murdock. It will be an exciting experience for her due to the school being in a small town. 

The Suscipe and the Mercy special blessing is what Mrs. Graff is going to miss most. She will miss her students and the Treblemakers. She says they have worked hard this year and that she is incredibly proud of the group for being positive and having formed a bond this year.

Last, she wants to say farewell to the students and faculty of Mercy High School. 

“Thank you for being a part of my life over the last few years! You will forever be in my heart and I have so many special memories I will take with me!”

Mr. Maddigan came to Mercy in the fall of 2016. He has loved teaching and coaching at Mercy. He admires how the Mercy community was so close and will always remember the friends and memories made while teaching here. The students always brought so much laughter to his classroom. 

Some of Mr. Maddigan’s favorite memories are when Anna Sommers made the buzzer beater to beat Blair in basketball, singing “Breaking Free” with Newville a couple years ago, and finally announcing all of the seniors for senior night during the softball season.

May Crowning is Mr. Maddigan’s favorite Mercy Tradition. He finds it cool how everyone comes together to honor Jesus and Mary. He also loves the flag football game at the Welcome Picnic and enjoyed watching the Mercy Day play this year!

The reason Mr. Maddigan is leaving is because he and his family are moving to Phoenix to be closer to extended family. By moving to Phoenix he will close to relatives in Southern California and only be a drive away from them. They feel this is important to them as his daughter Claire gets older. 

What Mr. Maddigan will miss most about Mercy are the people he has come to meet. He will miss all his friends he has made along the faculty and all the amazing students he has had the privilege of teaching and coaching in the last few years. He hopes to stay in touch with everyone even after his departure.

Mr Maddigan also had a few words he would like to share with the students for his gratitude: 

“To the students and faculty– I want to say thank you so much.  You were there for Jessie and me in the hardest of times and in the most exciting times, and we are forever grateful for that.  I am so blessed to have been able to teach and coach here and Mercy will always have a special place in my heart. Lastly, to all students– you inspire all of us teachers daily and make Mercy the special place it is! Never forget that Jesus has known you, chosen you, and loved you from eternity!”

Please remember to keep our two wonderful teachers in your hearts as they start a new chapter in their lives. We pray that they may always remember what an incredible school Mercy is and that they find happiness in the journey they have ahead.

Maria Gerardo-Dominguez
“Make each day your Masterpiece”- John Wooden /Animal Lover who likes bullet journaling
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