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How to Execute E-Learning

As the world faces the challenges of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and schools start to take action we are faced with the news that Mercy High School is closed until the 31st of May. This means students will not be returning to school for this school year. At the beginning of COVID-19, schools took caution by implementing e-learning, and Mercy will continue e-learning until the end of this school year. 

Student working on schoolwork at home

E-Learning is meant to be a replacement for the in-class learning students cannot currently attend. E-Learning takes place at home, which means there are possible distractions for students, and those distractions could affect the learning opportunities students have. Here are some tips on avoiding distractions and staying organized while participating in e-learning. 

First, as a student, I know all I want to do is sleep in, especially since I don’t have to physically go to school, but staying on your school schedule is important. If you start sleeping in, you may miss classes and your whole day is thrown off because you are trying to figure out what you missed. Even though it seems nice, avoid sleeping in and when you wake up, eat a good breakfast. Your brain will be able to function better, and you will not have to take breaks every twenty minutes to get a snack. Also, when you take breaks there is always that possibility of getting distracted by your phone which will cause you to push your school work to the side. Breaks are good, but try to limit them ten to fifteen minutes. If you make them longer, more than likely you may not want to return to your schoolwork.

Second, when the school day starts put all distractions aside, meaning your phone, the television, and other electronics that would distract you. Also, find a quiet place to do your schoolwork so that siblings or your parents on work calls cannot bother you. If you put all of these distractions aside you will be able to focus on your work better, and if you focus on your work you can get it done more quickly. Personally, the first week of e-learning I did not set the distractions aside and found myself doing some of my notes and homework assignments late at night. However, I realized that by putting distractions aside I can get all of my notes and homework done by about 1 p.m. This leaves the rest of the day to go outside or to watch television.

Last, stay organized when doing your schoolwork. You may think that because you have everything close that you are organized, but I suggest using a planner. Teachers may post assignments, and you may think the notification is enough, but there are some teachers who will post announcements that pile on top of the assignments. Try using a notebook, a planner, or a notes app on your iPad to relieve the stress of completing homework so you don’t have to worry about missing assignments and the teachers don’t have to worry either.

Not seeing each other again this school year is sad and heartbreaking, but it is the situation at hand and we should try to make the most of it. Use e-learning as an opportunity to get your schoolwork done in a timely manner so you can spend the rest of the day talking with friends, over the phone of course, and watching movies and shows you would never have had time to watch during the school year.

Elizabeth Rosenthal
Sophomore who loves soccer, basketball, reading, and alpacas!
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