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Reaching Out

In times like these, there are many people who feel differently about all of this chaos that has been brought into our lives because of the Coronavirus. I’m sure the virus has had an effect on you and your everyday life because it sure has affected mine and quite a few people around me including my friends and family.

In many ways the Coronavirus can have an effect on you mentally and physically, so reach out to someone if you need to. Talk about it, whether it’s just to your family or to one of your best friends.

According to the CDC, the COVID-19 can cause fear and anxiety in all age groups. It is very important to reach out during this time because it can have an effect on your mental state.

The Coronavirus has also affected people spiritually. Social distancing has caused churches to have to close down, so people can no longer attend church. Now some churches have resorted to streaming the church services. Even though the world may seem gloomy, people will still find a way to live their lives as normally as possible. 

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