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Omaha Shuts Down

As we know, because of the COVID-19 Omaha schools have been closing. According to Omaha Public Schools will remain closed indefinitely to help limit the spread of the new coronavirus. The Omaha district had earlier announced plans for temporary closures that would extend spring breaks to about two weeks, but officials now say there is no tentative date to resume classes. District administrators said they will evaluate health conditions every two weeks and consult with local and state officials as they determine when to reopen.

Governor Pete Ricketts issued an enforceable measure that effectively shut down restaurants, bars, theaters, churches, gyms and social gatherings of more than 10 people in four eastern Nebraska counties, as state officials scramble to stymie the spread of the new coronavirus. U.S.News continued to say that weddings, funerals, concerts, and athletics events are also subject to a 10-person limit. Many fast food restaurants are now only allowed to use drive-thru.  A long list of businesses and services are exempt from the measure, including office buildings, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, jails and prisons, courthouses, banks and stores.

Schools have now started and will continue to do online schooling. KETV News stated that middle and high school students will be given an activity per class each week by email or other digital platform. Individual teachers will provide more information to students. Students are expected to complete all lessons. Though the lessons are not graded, they are designed to keep students engaged during the closure.


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