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Class of 2020

For the class of 2020–Please be patient. I understand that these last few months were supposed to be yours. These months were supposed to be filled with joy and excitement. You were all making your final memories in school with teachers and, of course, your friends. These past four years you have all worked hard to reach that one goal: graduation. Unfortunately this pandemic has caused a huge mess in your plans. 

For almost a whole month we have not been able to attend school. The memories you were hoping to make are being postponed. But you shouldn’t let this stop you from moving forward. You must continue to have hope and faith that this will all soon be over. Soon you will be able to continue to make memories. You are able to attend your prom, say an official goodbye to your teachers, and of course enjoy your last moments with your friends. 

Moments like these will help you grow and discover more about yourself. Since you will soon attend college, take this short pause to make new plans for your future. Learn new things about yourself and what you like. You might even discover something about yourself you never knew about. When this is all over, you will come back stronger and ready to fight whatever comes your way. Class of 2020:  Remain strong and hopeful! 

Maricruz Rodriguez
“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart” - unknown
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