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High School Sports Affected by Coronavirus

As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) quickly spreads across the globe, countries are taking action. These countries are warning people of the dangers of the virus and are asking people to self-quarantine to limit the spread of the virus. Also, to help limit the spread of COVID-19, businesses are starting to shut down and events are being postponed or even canceled. 

Many professional athletic organizations and colleges are canceling their spring sports seasons. Due to professional athletics and college athletics canceling their seasons, the high school athletics are acting in a similar way. The high schools have not yet canceled spring sports, but they have been postponed.

With the spring sports in high school being postponed, athletes may be able to practice and play again, but training for these athletes is hard. Teams are not allowed to train together until their state allows, and many public places are closed so athletes can not train at these places on their own. This forces these athletes to train at home by themselves and, for most, self-training at home is very limited.

#letusplay is a petition asking that seniors be allowed to play their last seasons

Mercy High senior Mia Rodregieuz is not letting COVID-19 stop her from training for what could be her last spring season and also for her college track career. She is not able to go out, but she is making do with what she has at home. She said, “When I first heard all spring sports were being postponed, I was devastated. I’ve put in so much work for my season just to be probably canceled. Currently I’ve been continuing with our lifting program. I’m fortunate enough to have a weight room in my basement, and I’ve been routinely going down to work out. As for running, it’s been a bit of a challenge. Most public tracks are closed, making it difficult to follow practice workouts. But I’m trying my best to work on the things I can control: my diet and lifting”.  

If the spring sports seasons resume in high school, there will be a change in style, whether that is for better or worse. Mercy High senior and soccer player, Summer Mann, said, “With practice and games being canceled until further notice, for many teams this will be hard to recover from if our season resumes. Teams need weeks to work on connecting and preparing. When the season resumes, I feel that players will be out of shape and rusty with touches unless we put in the extra work and get touches on the ball on our own time. The style of the game will be different at first, but with confidence I would say that many players are eager to get back on the field and play, and for some of us, for the last time. I hope that players will come out with intensity and be ready to play, because our season will be cut short.”

With the spring sports being postponed, it is hard to tell if the seasons will resume, but if the seasons do continue, it is going to be difficult for teams and players at first. Teams and players may struggle because they didn’t have the time to train and build chemistry together, or they may come out strong, leaving everything they have in the little time they have. The coronavirus has affected the high school spring sports seasons and its athletes in many ways, but these athletes will always remember the hard work they put into the training time they did have.



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