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Education Through Technology

Recently Mercy High School has switched to online classes due to the spreading of COVID-19. Students have been completing assignments online and also have been attending live classes on Google Meets. Many already know how students are handling the situation, but how are the teachers affected by all of this? Mrs. Vankat decided to share her experience about online teaching, and how she’s coping during this time of quarantine.

Mrs. Vankat describes her initial reaction about switching to online teaching. She says, “I was very sad when I learned we had to move to online learning because I love seeing my students every day and I love the interchange in a classroom. I like having discussions and getting to know people.”

Next Mrs. Vankat was asked about her experience working at home: 

“When I am at home there are quite a few more distractions.  I have enjoyed spending more time with my family, but we are all working on different things.  I also have to worry about making meals for everyone while I am trying to teach, too.”

Of course there are differences between online and in-class teaching that could cause difficulties communicating with students. Mrs Vankat talks about the differences she noticed between online teaching and in classroom teaching and how she feels about it. “With online learning I didn’t have the daily contact with my students and a lot of the responsibility for learning rests with the student. I don’t hate it, but it isn’t my preferred way to teach. I have actually done a lot of online teaching, but it’s different because it wasn’t chosen by the people.”

Many may be wondering what are teachers doing during this time other than teaching.  Mrs. Vankat talks about what she has been doing. “My sister has been in the hospital and when she gets out she is going to need my help, so that has also kept me busy.  As a family we have eaten some good meals and played some fun games.”

Even though online classes may be a sudden change and challenge for the Mercy community, we must still strive to do our best and continue to have positivity in our lives. Mrs Vankat would like to share an important message for all her students and especially for seniors who may be having a tough time during all these sudden events: 

“I just want all of my students to know that I am praying for them and miss seeing them every day.  I want the seniors to know that I am especially thinking about them and wish we were all at school, enjoying our last days with them. Our school is such a special community and I really miss day to day life, within that community.”


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