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Prom is Rescheduled-Again!

As we all know, COVID-19 has created huge changes for this school year. In order to stop the spread of the virus people are asked to practice social distancing, which has caused schools to be canceled. Some of the hardest things about the school cancelation is having to adapt to e-learning and the loss of social things that the students are worried they are going to miss. Many seniors are very worried about missing out on “rites of passage” like prom. But Mercy isn’t quitting just yet. The staff at Mercy know how important this is for their juniors and especially seniors. So that is why Mercy has decided to reschedule prom!

The original reschedule was for Friday, April 24th.  This did mean that prom will be on a Friday night instead of Saturday, but Mercy is trying to make sure there IS a prom and that Friday was one of the open dates that the Scoular Ballroom had.  Because of the new rule that schools have to close until April 30, the prom has been rescheduled again to May 9th.   This date IS a Saturday. 

Picture taken before prom last year!

Many seniors are excited about the rescheduling, like Sophie Harvat, a senior at Mercy. After asking her about her thoughts on prom she said “I’m just happy that it was rescheduled because it would be so sad to not have one of our last big and fun events at Mercy. Prom was amazing last year and I would hate it if the juniors their first year and the seniors their last year, couldn’t experience it!” Many students couldn’t agree with this more and are counting down the days for prom.

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