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Fine Arts Shutdown

The Coronavirus has swept through the nation and caused the closings of schools and other businesses. This has affected the fine arts as well. Since there is now a rule in place of no more than ten people in one space, excluding grocery stores, the venues of the fine arts have been forced to close their doors for now. 

Dear Evan Hansen was one of the many shows canceled

Broadway has canceled all their shows after there was a confirmed case of an usher having contracted the virus. This is shocking because Broadway has only shut down a few times in its 200 years of standing. Here in Omaha, the Orpheum Theater and Holland Center have suspended all performances for now. The Omaha Community Playhouse has canceled all shows too. Movie theaters have closed their doors for the time being. Most museums have closed their doors, but the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland has not yet closed. Even National Parks have shut down. Carly Evans commented on the closing of the movie theaters in Omaha, “ I can’t believe everything is closing. It’s sad how the movie theaters are closing and plays are being canceled,”. This seems to be a dark time when the fine arts aren’t able to lead the way. 

What does this mean for the future? It would seem that as long as the Coronavirus is getting worse, places where fine arts can be enjoyed will remain closed. But in the meantime, you can still watch musicals at home, away from the dangers of the sickness. There are plenty of soundtracks of Broadway shows on YouTube and Spotify. The venues may be closed, but the fine arts are still alive and can be enjoyed during  this dark time. 


Jules Swiniarski
I’m a theatre fan and a swimmer. I also love to read and write in my free time.
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