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Celtic Journey : Magic of the Emerald Isle

On Sunday, March 8th, my parents invited me to go see Celtic Journey with them. I wasn’t sure what that was except it would have Irish music. It had that, and much more. It had the magic of Omaha and Ireland.

The Symphony

At the beginning, it started with some beautiful music. Then the story teller, Tomáseen Foley, helped kick off the show. Throughout the show he told stories of Ireland and the culture of the Irish. He added a very special element to the show, and it wouldn’t have been complete without him.

Another large part of the show was the dancers. There were two main dancers, Garrett Coleman and Caitlin Golding. Garrett was a very impressive dancer with many difficult steps and Caitlin was very graceful with her own Irish dancing. The music was a blend of Irish and classical, and there were instruments I have never seen before with many unique ones too. The fiddles were amazing and Samantha Harvey on the accordion was very interesting. There was also an element of Omaha in there. Anne’s Band of Merry Fiddlers came and played music with the show. There was also Dowd’s Irish Dance Academy with their beautiful way of dressing. I thought that was a very nice touch to the show.

In all, I really enjoyed this show. I was introduced and submerged into Irish culture. I learned many new things and heard very beautiful music. It was an amazing kick-off to my spring break and if anyone has the chance to see it in the future, I highly recommend you do.


Jules Swiniarski
I’m a theatre fan and a swimmer. I also love to read and write in my free time.
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