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Top 5 Female Futbol Players Playing in the 2020 Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics are approaching quickly. As the Olympics approach the Women’s Futbol Qualifiers are set. Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, and U.S.A. are all set to face off for the chance of winning gold. Here is a look at the top 5 best female futbol players playing in the 2020 Olympics. 

5. Lieke Martens

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Lieke Martens is a 27 year old who plays with her country’s national team, the Netherlands. She led her team to second place in the 2019 World Cup and is hoping to lead her team to the gold medal in the 2020 Olympics. She has obtained one Bronze Boot (third best scorer) and one Golden Ball (best player of tournament). 

4. Lotta Schelin

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Lott Schelin is a 36 year old who plays for her country’s national team, Sweden. She has achieved a silver and bronze medal at the Olympics and is looking for the gold in 2020. She has also been named female player of the year five times. That is the most anyone has ever been named.

3. Christine Sinclair

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Christine Sinclair is a 36 year old who plays for Canada’s national team and for the NWSL Portland Thorns. She first made her debut on the national team at the age of 16 and has scored over 180 goals (the highest record of goals scored internationally). She has won two bronze medals at the Olympics and is hoping for a gold. 

2. Marta

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Marta is a member of the Brazil national team and the NWSL Orlando Pride. She has been nominated for the best FIFA Player of the Year 13 times and has won three times. She has scored 17 goals in one World Cup (the most scored by one person).

1. Carli Lloyd

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Carli Lloyd is a member of the U.S.A. Women’s National Team and the NWSL Sky Blue FC. She has won FIFA Best Female Player of the Year and FIFA Best Player of the Year. She is a three time Olympian and two time gold medalist. She has won two Women’s World Cups and is a silver medalist of the World Cup, and she has received a Silver Boot (second best scorer) and Golden Ball (best player of tournament).   

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