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UNL Group Protests Capital


UNL students in the rotunda at the capital.

On Wednesday, January 8, approximately 10 students from the organization called Sustain at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln came together for a peaceful protest during the first legislative session of the year.

According to their website, Sustain is “an aggregate of students from diverse backgrounds who have come together to create a sustainable world through activism, education, and service-engagement.” Since their assembly in 2011, Sustain has conducted many service projects in the community including taking part in the Oceana Campaign in 2012 and improving recycling at Memorial Stadium. According to Joanne Young from the Lincoln Star Journal, “Sustain has 60 students that regularly come to meetings and a 600-person mailing list.” This is a truly great organization and they are always looking for new members.

The group stood in the rotunda at the capital with their mouths covered with white bandanas that said “Help”, their palms up with the words “our future” and “your hands” written on their hands and shirts that said “protect our future now” and “climate policy now”. They peacefully demonstrated to the 49 senators their desire for climate action in their community.

Brittni McGuire, a student with Sustain at UNL, started “We’re doing our part to advocate for climate action and we need their help to make the policy.” She also said “The Nebraska climate assessment says that we’re going to have more frequent and intense floods, so just like last year, it’s going to keep happening,”

McGuire also added that agriculture is a huge industry in Nebraska and if the climate is changing, then agriculture has to as well. 

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