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Mercy Announces New Musical

Mercy’s theatre department will soon be taking on production of the musical Chicago.  Mr. von Kampen is set to direct this fun show in the spring. Auditions were held on January 13 and 14 and Performance dates are April 17-19.

April 17th-19th

Chicago, the high school version, is based on the Broadway musical by Bob Fosse and Fred Ebb. It is set in the roaring twenties in  Chicago and is based on actual crimes and criminals reported on by Maurice Dallas Watkins. This adds a historical touch and mystery to the story. The “merry murderesses” are the main characters and it is based around their crimes. 

The high school version has excluded any foul language or explicit content. It should be fun for all ages, but parents of young children should still be wary of the overall theme of murder. It is a flexible musical, and the theatre department may take some liberty with it. The music is very jazzy and the dancing is lively, so it will most definitely be a show that won’t want to be missed. The technical crew will be setting to work soon to build the sets and scenery and the cast will be decided this week.

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