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Giving Back to Those Who Have Helped

An organization that helps in the recovery of brain injury

With all of the troubles going on in the world, to hear about anything going on locally is hard, including the good. In Iowa, Liz Cassler grew up playing soccer and was even going to play soccer in college, but one day something traumatizing happened, and this event changed her life forever. 

When Cassler was a senior in high school, she was living a normal teenage life. However one day, eleven years ago, she was driving and crashed her car which left her with traumatic brain injury. She spent weeks in a coma and months recovering from the injury. She had to learn to walk and talk all over again.

One place, On With Life, was a huge help in her recovery. They specialize in the recovery of brain injuries, and Cassler worked with their therapists and her family to recover the best she could. Once she recovered, she decided to give back to On With Life. In a KETV 7 article Cassler said, “There’s this stigma—you have a brain injury, you’re different now. Yeah, I know we’re different, but treat us like we aren’t. Show us love and compassion.” Cassler is doing just that.

She now works as a member of On With Life and writes notes to patients and tells them her story and how even through the lows, if they listen and work, they can overcome what seems impossible.

Even when troubles occur, whether personally, locally, nationally, or internationally, remembering the good is always important no matter how big or small. Even the smallest acts like smiling at others or writing a nice note to someone can spread good and kindness.

So try taking part in this act and make it a goal to be nice to others rather than be rude.

Elizabeth Rosenthal
Sophomore who loves soccer, basketball, reading, and alpacas!
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